Recent years have seen a wealth of Blessed Father Seraphim's writings and talks uploaded to YouTube. 

There are several recordings of Father Seraphim himself delivering these talks, but these are rare, and most of these YouTube videos feature someone reading the text. 

The most recent offerings, several highlights of which are posted below, are well done readings by the dedicated hosts of these various YouTube channels, for whom, we can only assume, these labors are a holy podvig, and we give thanks for the efforts of the channels Orthodox WisdomOrthodox Reactionary, and others. 

In addition, there are numerous videos which present excerpts of Father Seraphim's teachings in scrolling text against a photographic backdrop accompanied by low volume Greek or Russian Orthodox chant, as seen on the Gregory Decapolite and Nicodemos Hagiorite channels. These presentations have enormous impact on the soul, and somehow impart what Father Seraphim called "the savor of Orthodoxy" even in spite of this post-modern technology, format and platform.

We offer these links for your prayerful edification . . .

Fr Seraphim Rose - Russian Documentary w/English Subtitles — This excellent film has been out for a few years, but only recently was it given English subtitles by the Russian Faith website. Includes transcript... 

God's Revelation to the Human Heart - NEW improved audio from Restored Orthodox Recordings channel (updated 9/6/22)

Orthodox Christians Facing the 1980sNEW improved audio from Restored Orthodox Recordings channel (updated 9/6/22)

Comprising three major talks and articles, including: 
The Royal Path - True Orthodox in an Age of Apostasy 
Orthodoxy in the USA 
The Holy Fathers of Orthodox Spirituality
VIDEO: 20th Anniversary of the Repose of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose - Recorded during the 2002 pilgrimage at St Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina, California. Features a sermon by Fr Thomas Hopko, and talks by Hieromonk Damascene (now abbot of St Herman's) and Schema-Hieromonk Ambrose (Young), and others.

Fr. Peter Heers on Blessed Father Seraphim:
  • The below video combines images of Fr Seraphim (many of them quite rare) with reflections by Fr Peter Heers of the veneration of Fr Seraphim in Greece, from his podcast 'Postcards from Greece' on Ancient Faith Radio: