to Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim Rose
of Platina

3rd Edition (Revised)
with special articles on the veneration of Father Seraphim, and his significance for our age

Announcing the immediate availability of the New, 3rd Edition (Revised) of the Akathist to Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim Rose, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of his repose.

This is a major revision of the 2nd Edition, published in 2015, itself being a modest update over the original booklet published in 2011. 

  • Official text of the Holy Synod of the Traditional Church of Greece, G.O.C. (edited for consistent use of personal pronouns and minor grammatical considerations),
  • Originally posted online in 2006, the host site was taken down, and the Akathist thought to be lost.
  • Includes two introductory articles, on the Veneration of Blessed Father Seraphim, and on his significance for our age, 
  • New, heavyweight, matte, full-color cover, 
  • New, full-color interior, with new & additional full-color photographs of St. Herman Monastery in Platina California, 
  • New, full-color icons of Blessed Father Seraphim,
  • Text in black and red on premium coated paper. 
  • English only. No translations available.

Saddle-bound, 48 pages, $10 USD, English language edition only.
Price does not include sales tax or shipping.
International orders available.

Sample interior pages:

Title Page

First page of the Preface

First page of the Akathist